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Udhampur, 21 Aug 2023: Ushering in a wave of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, the Udhampur Military Station hosted a remarkable ‘Hunar Haat’ event on the occasion of AWWA (Army Wives Welfare Association) Day 2023. This event, held on August 20th, provided a dynamic platform for military families to showcase their diverse talents and vocational skills, earning admiration and appreciation from troops and fellow families alike.

The ‘Hunar Haat’ event featured an impressive array of art forms, handicrafts, and culinary delights that captivated the audience with their ingenuity. The families of Udhampur Military Station exhibited a wide range of exquisite creations, including intricate macrame designs, captivating mandala art, meticulously crafted paper quell, elegant crochet work, intricate maggot paintings, expressive sketches, captivating photographs, and delectable culinary creations that tantalized taste buds. The event witnessed an overwhelming response, as families seized the opportunity to exhibit their exceptional talents and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. With each exhibit reflecting the passion and dedication of the creators, ‘Hunar Haat’ truly became a celebration of the power of creativity and skill within the military community. The families of Udhampur Military Station poured their hearts and souls into their presentations, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. Troops and families who attended the event were allured by the astonishing range of artistry on display, and their appreciation for the budding entrepreneurs’ efforts was palpable. The event not only showcased the families’ artistic and culinary skills but also underscored the importance of nurturing and encouraging vocational talents. ‘Hunar Haat’ provided a valuable platform for families to not only share their innovations but also gain recognition and support from their peers. As we celebrate AWWA Day 2023, the success of ‘Hunar Haat’ stands as a testament to the Udhampur Military Station’s commitment to fostering a culture of creativity, entrepreneurship, and empowerment within its community.