By Ayesha Mahajan

Clad in crisp new chic sarees, donning matching jewellery, with henna
painted hands and praying for the long lives of their spouses; the
gorgeous married women on the auspicious occasion of Karva Chauth will
be fasting the whole day and will wrap up their fasts after sighting
the moon in the evening.

The occasion has great importance in the life
of every married woman. But, the tradition has a new facet now. For
most marriageable maidens in the city, this is the time to pray for
“Man-Chaha Var” (husband of choice). Only prayers won’t be enough. The
girls are also fasting on Karva Chauth to push their wish list to Lord

Girls show designs of mehndi on their palms ahead of Karva Chauth in on  Monday.Tribune Photo:Inderjeet Singh

Not surprisingly, city of temples is packed with young girls
jostling with each other for space and time to buy everything that is
needed for the festival- from new clothes to bangles to ‘Feni’ and are
particular that they don’t miss out on any of the rituals. The girls
didn’t shy away from accepting that Karva Chauth Vrat will help them
get desired life partners.

“I have been observing this Vrat (fast) since I was in Class VIII.
Initially, my mother pushed me to observe this fast so that the lord
blesses me with a good husband in future but today, the Vrat has a
special meaning for me as I want to pray to God to get me married to
my boyfriend only. I will be praying to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
to bless my boyfriend and me with a smooth life ahead” said Anjali
Malhotra (name changed), a college student, who has been in a
relationship for three years now.

Women select bangles ahead of Karwa Chauth at Jammu on Thursday. Tribune Photo: Inderjeet Singh

While some girls wait for the moon to appear, many break their fast
after seeing the Pole Star. “This is the first time that I will be
fasting but I will not wait for the moon to come out. My mother told
me that unmarried girls break their fast after giving “Argh” to the
Pole Star” said Kamakshi Jamwal, 22, a local resident.

Tanima Jain, who teaches at a private college, is of the view that
there is no harm in fasting even if you are not married. “It gives me
immense satisfaction when I pray for the man of my life. The ritual is
wrapped in feelings of love and devotion towards one’s better half.
But, it is also an occasion to share your love and concern for the one
you love”. “I just hope that the present generation continues to keep
up the sanctity of Karva Chauth” she adds.