JK News Today

Naushera, 21 Aug 2023: In the early hours of Monday morning, a civil truck transporting essential rations slipped and fell into the Naushera Tawi River while enroute from Rajouri to Jammu. The Indian Army, stationed at Tian, Naushera, acted promptly and effectively, launching a swift and well-coordinated rescue operation to save lives and mitigate the impact of the incident.

Upon receiving the distress call, the Indian Army immediately initiated a joint effort with local Police and CRPF personnel to execute a complex rescue mission. The submerged truck posed a significant challenge due to the fast-flowing river currents, requiring specialized recovery techniques to ensure the safety of survivors.

The collaborative efforts of the Indian Army’s rescue teams, working seamlessly with the Police and CRPF, resulted in the successful extrication of the submerged truck. The rescue operation showcased the dedication, professionalism, and resourcefulness of the personnel involved, highlighting their commitment to preserving life and maintaining public safety.

While the immediate rescue operation has led to the successful rescue of survivors from the submerged truck, additional details surrounding the incident are currently being investigated. The operation remains ongoing as the combined forces continue their relentless efforts to ensure the well-being of all individuals involved.

The Indian Army’s rapid and coordinated response underscores their unwavering dedication to safeguarding the lives and welfare of citizens. Through their proficient handling of challenging situations, they exemplify their readiness to serve the community in times of crisis, upholding the highest standards of responsibility and duty.