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Jammu, Nov. 07

526 Km high in the sky, ISRO satellites gave India the precision to perform surgical strikes on PoK terror camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and these metallic birds in the sky recorded it all

According to sources , “While Pakistan’s official line scoffs at the very idea of surgical strikes, India not only has the clinching evidence to confirm our bold cross-LoC foray, but also credited ISRO’s flock of metallic birds in the sky”. Besides India is fast developing a huge capability called ‘C4ISR’ or ‘command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance’!

The credit for the latest surgical strikes is attributed to recently launched Cartosat 2 series satellite.  “From its 526-km perch, this bird can peer at every object in Pakistan and can easily count the number of cars parked in the grand mansion of Pak PM Nawaz Sharif. It rotates across the Earth every 1.5 hours, scanning with a 0.65-m resolution that allows India to count each and every tank, truck & fighter aircraft parked anywhere in Pak or across the world,” informed these sources.

Cartosat 2 series has a unique capability of capturing a 1-minute video, which, despite its enormous speed of 37 km a second, is able to focus at a single point for a minute. India is already working on satellites with a 25 cm resolution.

“Our Aerospace Command is manned by experts who understand ‘surgical strikes'”, the sources told

They added, “ISRO’s world class capabilities enable India give out accurate navigation signals along with tracking militant movements in real time, . This is a herculean task, managed by ISRO’s 17,000 strong work force.”

According to these top sources, “In the coming years, India’s space assets will play a much bigger role for managing border conflicts”.

On date, India has 33 satellites in orbit around the earth and one in the Martian orbit. These include 12 communications satellites; 7 navigation satellites; 10 earth observation satellites and 4 weather monitoring satellites. This is one of the largest constellation of satellites in the Asia Pacific region. Each bird is tailor-made for a specific purpose and each, when needed, helps protect India’s supreme national interests!*

India has invested heavily in space imaging technology and is now reaping the benefits. Some of our satellites have day and night viewing capabilities (RISAT-1 & RISAT-2), and they can even see through cloud cover.

The sources said that India’s enemies should have no doubts that very soon these swadeshi GPS signals will be leading its commandos into the very den of masterminds who control the terrorists.