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Jammu, May 24: The University of Jammu is set to start admissions for its flagship “Design Your Degree” program, a pioneering four-year undergraduate course.

The final open house interaction for prospective students and their guardians took place today, reflecting a vibrant atmosphere filled with hope and aspirations. The interaction extended beyond the scheduled time to address the numerous queries from attendees. The “Design Your Degree” program, in alignment with the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), aims to empower students to tailor their education according to their interests and career aspirations. The program encourages a shift from traditional job-seeking mindsets to creating opportunities, fostering a well-rounded and interdisciplinary learning experience.

The Last Date to apply for the admission to Design Your Degree program is May 29, 2024 and the
Entrance Examination shall be held on June 1, 2024. The Academic Session shall begin from August 2024.

Speaking during the interaction, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu Prof. Umesh Rai highlighted the program’s alignment with NEP 2020 and its goal to equip students with a diverse skill set. He emphasized that the initiative aims to transform students into innovators and leaders, ready to tackle the challenges of the modern world.

Prof. Rai addressed questions from students and parents, covering topics such as qualification potentials, opportunities for further studies, and placements. The interactive session provided clarity and reassurance about the program’s value and prospects.

Prof. Rai emphasized that the “Design Your Degree” program is meticulously crafted to align with market demands, offering a flexible structure that promotes entrepreneurial thinking. The program focuses on comprehensive skill development, including life skills, soft skills, teamwork, analytical capabilities, digital proficiency, problem-solving, mathematical abilities, and critical and creative thinking.

Prof. Rai underscored the program’s alignment with the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), emphasizing its motto, “Teach to Transform, Educate to Empower, and Learn to Lead,” which reflects its commitment to educational transformation and empowering students.

Prof. Alka Sharma, Director of the Skill Incubation Innovation Entrepreneurial Development Center (SIIEDC), shared success stories from the previous batch, showcasing the significant progress made within six months. She highlighted the importance of skill development workshops and training sessions that have enhanced students’ teamwork and other essential skills.

The event featured detailed presentations about the program, including a FAQ session led by Prof. Sadaf Shah. Current students and mentors, including Prof. Charak, Dr. Jatinder Manhas, Dr. Pallavi Sachdeva, Dr. Shallu Sehgal, Dr. Sunil, Dr. Sandeep, and Dr. Chinmoyee Maharana, were present to answer individual queries. Their participation provided valuable insights and firsthand experiences, further enhancing the confidence of prospective students and their guardians about the program.