JK News Today

Srinagar , December 8: Jammu and Kashmir police have geared itself to respond to any eventuality in the Kashmir Valley in view of coming events and anticipated troubles.
This plan was worked out a high level of meeting chaired by ADGP law and order Vijay Kumar in Srinagar on Friday.

During the meeting, all the officers briefed the chair on the prevailing L&O and security scenario and shared the field generated inputs with respect to all the expectedly emerging situations in view of upcoming events.

All the District heads were stressed to keep eye on the situation, and take preventive and punitive actions under law those who indulge in mischief, misinformation and misuse of social media. He stressed that miscreants and mischievous elements shouldn’t be allowed to vitiate the peace and harmony.

He also got briefed about prevention of incidents and directed to anticipate different scenarios and accordingly plan an effective response for the same. All DMs and SSPs were asked by the ADGP and Div Com Kashmir to conduct meetings with field officers and other stakeholders. ADGP L&O sensitized them about the calibrated response to be taken in case of any untoward scene emerging out of the situation.