By Shivani Gupta

In today’s world technology is a very important part of our lifestyle and that’s the reason we need technology for our beauty industry as well to make our treatments more effective and result oriented.

Though we should know and should be aware which technology is to be used on you and is it the latest, or an obsolete technology. For mild treatments like facial, cleansing, we really do not require machine as we are working on the epidermal layer.

But for skin treatments like acne, pigmentation, tattoo removal, stretch marks,  wrinkle, birth mark, we are working on the dermis layer so for this, machine is required.

There are various machines available in the industry for various kinds of treatments like the RF (Radio Frequency), ultra sound, HiFu machines are available for treating deep lines and anti-aging. Laser machines are available for hair removal, tattoo removal, pigmentation, birth mark, freckles and much more.

We have some high end machines like skin Labs where we can give personalised serum for treating specific problems. So the right machine and the right clinic is very important for such intensive clinical treatments.

It’s surely an amazing opportunity to look young and all groomed up with clinical treatments and nursing care products. These treatments should be performed efficiently by trained  and qualified  staff and under clinical safety procedures.

We at SHALZ MEDISPA Have been certified in  performing such intensive treatments effectively with some latest German technologies ..Apart from the machine it is the added on experience and knowledge of 20 yrs which help us looking deeply into the requirements of our clients.