JK News Today 


Education Minister Naeem Akhtar  today condemned the burning of schools at various places in Kashmir during the last few days as he came out in defence of  students’ careers which have  been hit hard  by the current unrest in the  Valley.

In a statement   Sunday , Naeem  said that the “damage to schools is not just burning of an institution but a colossal loss for the entire society.”

He said that during the last few months Kashmir has gone through a bad phase which has given pain to everybody. “The biggest causality has been the loss of human lives which is irreparable. We cannot bring them back but we can save our future generation,” said Naeem. “We will never forget the people who died. For the good of all we have to proceed constructively and dialogue is the only way forward.”

Arsonists had burnt  more than a dozen schools across the Valley.

The Minister expressed his sadness over the losses that have been mounting during the last few months. “Our start-ups have closed, entrepreneurs have fled due to the unfortunate events. We have gone back by so many years and the sooner we realize it the sooner the better it is,” said Naeem.