Washington, Oct 14

US President Barack Obama was heckled for the second consecutive day prompting him to say that the pro-Trump protester was paid.

The incident happened at an election rally in Cleveland, Ohio. Early in the speech as Obama noted that he’d promised to work as hard as he could, a man in the back started heckling.

“While you’re not golfing!”

A moment later, the same man began shouting “Bill Clinton’s a rapist! Bill Clinton’s a rapist!” And he opened his jacket to reveal and T-shirt with Bill Clinton’s image and the word “RAPE.” There were other hecklers elsewhere in the crowd.

“Hold on a second young man, don’t be interrupting everybody, come on. Come on, sir. Come on. Everybody, just — come on, everybody. Let’s do our little chant, Obama said and chanted Hillary! Hillary! Hillary.

People followed him with “Hill-a-ree Hill-a-ree” to drown him out. He stopped heckling and stayed another five minutes or so. Obama urged the hecklers to go to Trump’s rallies if they like him so much.

“All right. I think we’re OK now. I know that — I noticed this has been happening everywhere and I keep on telling folks you’ve got to organize your own rallies,” Obama said in an apparent reference the protest he faced a day earlier.

“You know, if you’re confident about the other guy, just go to his rallies. I feel confident about my candidate, that’s why I’m at this rally,” said the US President.

“So you don’t have to spend time over here. Go knock on some doors for your guy. That’s a better way for you to spend your time. Unless you’re just being paid to be here, in which case, you know, everybody’s got to make a living,” he said amidst applause from the audience.

A few minutes later as Obama questioned Trump’s honesty the same heckler began shouting again about Bill Clinton being a rapist. This time he was escorted out peacefully.