Pashupatinath— Special

Ajay Khajuria

Today we will take you to a spiritual world..the world of Shiva..located in Nepal..Pashupatinath Temple is an important pilgrimage for Hindus.
The Pashupatinath temple built on the banks of Bhagmati river is built in pagoda style and the huge Nandi outside this temple gives this place a different aura.
Sage Skand had told sage Agastya in the context of Pashupati Kshetra that this is the place where you get Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Rudra (Vedic name of Shiva) had performed penance at this place, chanting mantras.
It is said that when the world was being created, there was a debate started between Vishnu and Brahma that who is the supreme of the two, this competition turned into a fight, only then a light between them spread from underworld to sky. it was announced by Shiva that whoever comes after seeing the end of this light will be adjudged winner. Vishnu could neither find the beginning nor the end, but Brahma lied that he had seen the end of this light and Kamdhenu cow and Ketaki flower were witness to prove it. Kamdhenu was saying yes with her mouth but her tail was saying no. Shiva got very angry and said that this flame has neither beginning nor end and Brahma Since you lied from today onwards no one will worship him, Kamdhenu’s mouth lied, that’s why no one will worship cow’s mouth and Ketaki flowers will never be offered to Shiva. Shiva used to roam here in the form of a deer, hence this place is also called Mrigasthali.
Shivling is Panchmukhi, four of its faces look at north, east, west and south and the fifth which is formless looks at the sky.
The eastern face is called Tatpurush, the southern one is called Aghor, the northern one is called Vamdev and the western one is called Sadyojata.
And the name of the formless upper face is Ishaan
Aghor Mukh has a coil in the form of a snake in one ear and a rosary of 12 faced Rudraksh and a vase in the hand.
Ishaan is formless
Tatpurush has three eyes and two hands
Vamdev has a coil in the form of a snake in one ear and a lotus in the other ear.
Sadyojatah’s appearance is like a child, there is a crown on his head.
Seeing this Shivling, it seems as if your eyes have been waiting for births to see them.
The idols around the temple are very old. Ganesh Temple, Vasuki Nag Temple, Tulsi Kund, Tandav Shiva Temple, Krishna Temple, Kirti Mukha Bhairav, 64 Shivling, Satyanarayan Temple are very old and established inside Pashupatinath temple area
The mention of the temple is found even before the 7th century, the temple was built in the 11th century and it got its present form in the 17th century.
Shiva’s Panchamrit Abhishek is performed here (milk, ghee, sugar, honey and curd) and only those pundits who are from South India and have complete knowledge of Vedas and also worldly can touch Shiva.
This temple has received UNESCO World Heritage status since 1979 and is considered a World Heritage Site.