Says, the heavy rains and severe hailstorm have wreaked havoc on crops and fruits in various areas across the Valley

JK News Today

Srinagar, May 26: Former cabinet minister and Apni Party’s Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir on Friday urged the LG administration to provide adequate compensation to the agricultural farmers and orchardists who met with huge losses due to the recent heavy rains and hailstorms in various parts of the Valley.

In his statement, Ghulam Hassan Mir, said, “The recent hailstorm has damaged fruit-laden trees, including apple, cherry, and pear in the orchards, and crops including wheat, rice, and vegetables in various places.”
“The damages to the crops and fruits have been caused, especially in many parts of north and central Kashmir, causing heavy damages to farmers. This is the second time these recent months that the farmers and orchardists have suffered massive losses due to the adverse weather situation. The destructive hailstorm destroyed standing crops and the fruit that was still in its initial form.”
Demanding an official assessment of the losses, which should be followed by adequate compensation to the affected people, Ghulam Hassan Mir, said, “Given the fact that crops and orchards are the primary sources of livelihood to a large population across the Valley, the administration is supposed to provide swift relief and proper compensation to the sufferers so that the affected people can overcome the loss caused by the weather fury.”
Mir appealed to the LG administration to ensure the official teams are immediately sent to the affected areas to assess the losses and provide compensation swiftly to the sufferers.