JK News Today

Srinagar, October 15 :

Delhi has conveyed it quite  bluntly  to “ put up  against terrorism or shut up.”

This curt message has been conveyed by Delhi, according to sources , to all the Kashmiri leaders who have  launched a campaign to  put down  Delhi on the issue of dialogue with Pakistan without summoning the courage to say anything to Pakistan and the   anti-national  elements stoking the unrest in  Kashmir.

“ This is sheer duplicity and opportunism, of some of the top leaders of Kashmir ” a senior  functionary of the Centre  told JKNT on condition of anonymity , that has annoyed  Delhi .  “ These leaders say one thing here ( Delhi) and quite contrary in Srinagar,” he said.

It may be recalled that this message assumes significance  against the backdrop of a singular campaign launched by National Conference, Congress, CPI-M  in Kashmir demanding dialogue with Pakistan from New Delhi , despite knowing what Pakistan has done in the Valley.  Uri attack last month has changed the thinking in New Delhi and it is no mood to “ brook any non-sense that encourages terrorism.”

“ We have yet to hear any word of condemnation of the attack by any of the so-called responsible leaders in Kashmir. We fail to understand  on what sort of game plan are they working ,” the functionary said.

Yesterday Farooq Abdullah had presided over a meeting of few opposition leaders and  declared that he won’t say anything on Uri attack, but would like to see Government of India seeking dialogue with Pakistan. That, according to him , was a way out  to end terrorism.

Taking cognizance of this “hypocrisy,”, the sources  said that Delhi has bluntly told all these crusaders of dialogue to put up against terrorism or shut up.

It has also been made clear to them Delhi knows its priorities and foreign policy  and doesn’t need any sermons from the irrelevant set of leaders.