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Jammu, May 14: BJP President Jammu & Kashmir Ravinder Raina expressed grave concern over deteriorating situation in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir where Pakistan army is targetting innocent civilians protesting against inflation and their rights. Raina requested the External Affairs Minister to take up with United Nations, He said We can’t tolerate the rhe atrocities on the people living in PoJK who are the citizens of India.

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Adressing the media in Rajouri adjoining to LoC in J&K Ravinder Raina Urged the External Affairs Minister Jai Shaker to intervene in this crisis and take this issue of atrocities in PoJK in United Nation and help the people who are Citizens of Our County and presently in the illegal occupation of Pakistan. BJP Chief Ravinder Raina said that the people of PoJK are subjected to atrocities, exploitation and cruelty these days.
Raina hit out at Pakistan and batted strongly for sending ration to the people of PoJK.
Raina said that it is very unfortunate that the people of PoJK are subjected to atrocities, exploitation and cruelty these days.
The Pakistan army has subjected people of various areas of PoK to atrocities and torture.
He expressed concern that the entire area of PoJK has been under closure for the past five days, with reports indicating that people belonging to the Pahari community have lost their lives in firing by the Pakistan army.
He urged Government to send ration the people of PoJK. “Our people in PoJk demanded ration got bullets. This cannot tolerated by us. We love our people there”, he said.

“We urge Foreign Minister Jai Shanker ji to take up the matter with the United Nations to register the issue. The atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistan army cannot be tolerated. We stand with the people of PoJK, as they are our brothers and sisters. They are our citizens,” Raina said.

Raina said “this cannot continue for long as people demand ration and their rights.”  They have showered bullets on people demanding ration, he said reports said 20 people have been killed