Jammu, Sep 08:

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta welcomed the visit of All Party Delegation to Jammu and Kashmir to access the prevailing situation in the Valley and to get the appraisal of the issues confronting the people of Jammu region and their views on the present turmoil in the Valley. This is the first time that the Government at the centre gives due importance to the people of Jammu region and those of Ladakh region, try to ascertain their views on Jammu and Kashmir Problem and take Comprehensive view on the situation prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir State. Earlier when ever there was problem in the Valley the thrust of the Government at the centre was only on Kashmir, the visit of the delegation was only confined to the Valley. However, the All Party Delegation should have spared more time for Jammu in its visit in order to meet people of all cross sections. Prof. Virender also welcomed the statement of the Union Home Minister that APD would also visit Ladakh to have knowledge of views of the people there on the solution of Jammu and Kashmir problem and the issues confronting them.

Prof. Virender said that as expected Hurriyat leaders refused to meet the APD and even to the five members of the delegation who went to knock at their door. He said those leaders who were persisting on having dialogue with the separatist leaders and with Pakistan must have realized that this is a fruitless exercise in the present prevailing situation and added that on the earlier occasions also Hurriyat behaved identically as its leaders work on the dictates of their Master, i.e. Pakistan and the terrorists groups operating from its soil. He said that the need of the hour is to withdraw all the concessions and privileges that they are enjoying in India and no undue importance be given to them, in fact efforts should be made to isolate them. He further added those indulging in violence should be identified and should be booked. He told that time has come to take drastic measures to put the Kashmir on the right track and make the Kashmiri people to understand that their benefits lie in the Indian Union.

Prof. Virender also said that black mailing tactics of Kashmiri leaders need to be given proper reply. He told that Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah did not do any favour to Indian Government by accepting the accession of Jammu and Kashmir with India for his love for the secularism and said that he was compelled to do so as there was no other option left for him when Mohd. Ali Jinnah refused to grant any type of concession to NC leaders in case they opt to be part of Pakistan Dominion, instead Pakistan forces started aggression on Jammu and Kashmir State and its forces conquered Baramulla, started looting the properties of the residents, massacring them mercilessly and capturing their women folk and rapping them. Sheikh wanted to be independent ruler of Kashmir Valley (exclusive of Muzaffrabad), but after the accession of the State with India he became the unchallenged ruler of the whole of Jammu and Kashmir State.

The Spokesperson further said that any solution that is to be found needs to address the aspiration of all the three regions of the State, insuring equitable political rights and equitable developments of all the regions and appropriate settlement of Kashmiri Pandits and safeguards for all the minorities of the State. The solution must be under the framework of Indian Constitution without compromising the integrity of the country. He further added that Article 370 be abrogated or appropriate amendments in it be made to ensure the sovereignty of Indian Parliament.