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Srinagar, May 26 The Fisheries department has shared preliminary report on the mass death of fish in world famous Dal lake in Srinagar.
Thousands of fish were found dead on Friday morning .
The report’s excerpt is being reproduced here
Taking cognisance of media reports about large scale death of fish in lake, the department had sought a report in this In connection, A report has been sought from the C.PO Ggagribal vide above referred letter No. under whose jurisdiction the Dal lake is existing. who reported that a natural phenomenon occurs in the Dal lake known as Thermal Stratification, this causes the water overturn. The warm water from bottom rises and the cold water from the top moves downwards. The churning causes low dissolved oxygen levels and increase turbidity. The transition from winter to Spring /Summer season also causes an approximately 10 degrees rise in ambient temperature Due to this the dissolve oxygen gets depleted in the water body. Moreover oxygen gets further low by the rains as they bring additional pollutants /organic load by the run-off from across the catchment areas adding even more Organic load for the microorganisms to break down by consuming the oxygen in the water body /lake, where movement of water is low as in the present case in the Dal lake. Also low photosynthesis due to rainy and cloudy days resulted in low oxygen production, thus causing mass mortality of fishes which happens almost every year during this season and particularly during hot summers. The people residing in the peripheries of Dal lake need not to be panic as it is a natural phenomenon