Scores of youth from various parties join NC in Banihal ;

JK News Today

Banihal, 13 April ; National Conference leader and district President Ramban Mr Sajjad Shaheen on Saturday said, the youth of the state have been suffocated by the repressive policies of the present dispensation and the looming uncertainty has created a sense of despair and hopelessness among them.
“The government’s failure to reach out and build bridges of reconciliation and peace with our youth has created a political vacuum,” Shaheen said while addressing a late night joining function held by youth wing of party’s Khari block and was organised by Block president YNC Shabir Ahmed Naik where a large number of youth from various parties joined National Conference in presence of the district President.

Referring to the unrest in the erstwhile state, Shaheen said that in this grim atmosphere, the youth is being robbed of their right to dream of a dignified and prosperous future.
He said the youth is feeling cheated as promises made to them were either broken or unapologetically abandoned. “The same promises were then bartered without any inhibitions for personal and familial political empowerment of a few people while our hardworking, honest and sincere young men and women were let down and left to the mercy of uncertainty and turmoil,” he said.

Urging the youth to work harder, better and smarter to keep pace with the world, Shaheen said that National Conference will not allow anybody to push our youth into the darkness of pessimism.
Welcoming the new entrants in the party fold Shaheen expressed hope that their joining will further strengthen the party at grass root level.

He asked the party’s youth wing to reach out to the youth and empower them politically to become opinion makers and stake holders in finding solutions to these problems.