Consensus on China-India disengagement  shows Modi’s statesmanship


Binoo Joshi  


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked  with regard to defusing of tension on borders with China . He saved the country from the stand-off  from becoming   a war-like conflict  in eastern Ladakh , and also achieved the desired outcome of  peace on the LAC.

This started with China confirming what India had wanted all along.

 Tuesday delivered  good news and it  came from Beijing . A foreign news agency , using its own lexicon   about the LAC  quoted  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson  Zhao Lijian , saying ,  China and India have  agreed to take measures  to ease tensions along a  disputed stretch of their border.”

Reading between the lines makes two things clear  that neither side wants an escalation on the border in eastern Ladakh , nor a permanent standoff position to stir irritation . The irritation had caused  Galwan valley clashes on June 15 when 20  Indian soldiers  died  in a hand-to-hand fight , while the Chinese are silent about their losses . Now, it means that there  would be no repeat of all this .

This positive outcome , and it should be seen that way only , came about after the military and diplomatic level talks .

In the 21st century world , and that , too, in 2020  when the countries across the continents, have been hit hard by the pandemic of novel corona virus , economically, politically, socially , what needs to  be appreciated , is that  talks were placed in the priority category  by India over conflict . But it was also made clear that there would be no compromise on the integrity and sovereignty of the Indian nation while seeking this strategic goal as the ugly situation of Galwan Valley on June 15 was not only reprehensible  but also  had to be neutralized once and for all . That meant  that without the repeat of such incidents, India would  ensure that it  gets   China to agree to the disengagement .

All the credit for  getting Beijing to “agree” to the disengagement  in eastern Ladakh border , deservingly, go to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had reiterated it time and again  that the situation would be brought under control without any  compromise. The disengagement has to be  understood as a step toward the victory of talks over  spread of the conflict.

Modi’s statesmanship has worked . He has delivered a message to all the doubters  on the situation who had started targeting him  on flimsy grounds .

Congress leader  Rahul Gandhi  who had taken to tweets to give expression to his frustrations  by now should learn that patience, perseverance in  such situation with diplomacy at work yields results . He needs to take  a lesson the Modi-era diplomacy. 

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