Development has begun in right earnest

J K News Today


Under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor G C Murmu , J&K UT has  travelled a big journey in making governance accessible to the people at their doorsteps. This is the effort of his  administration that the people have direct access to the services , what  was unthinkable not long ago.

Murmu known for his people-friendly  skills  started a revolution in the administrative working soon after he took over as the head of the UT government of J&K on October 31st last year. Since then, he has reached out to the people and people  in him have found an administrator who listens  and addresses grievances.

On Monday  a  fact sheet of his initiatives was made public. The 27- point fact sheet says it all that how the administration has built bridges with the people that  were missing for ages .

Now, 27 services will be available online. These include, application for domicile certificate., Indira Gandhi National Scheme , family benefit scheme  and so on.

Murmu has led the J&K in most critical times , negotiating  the  health crisis  caused by the novel corona virus  and  other difficult situations that have come his way, yet he maintained the pace of development against all these odds. This is called the real leadership .