Protest against Rohangyas, Bangladeshis increases in Jammu

JK News Today

Jammu, March 06:

Protest against the illegal settlement of Rohangyas and Bangladesh Nationals increases in Jammu City as activists of National Human Rights Organisation organized a protest at Akhnoor Road.

Dozens of activists today evening organized a protest against settlement of Burma and Bangladesh nationals staying illegally at many places in and outskirts of Jammu City in large number. The activists of National Human Rights Organisation has demanded from the state government and civil administration to identify these foreign nationals and push them out.

The NHRO state secretary, Sanjay Sharma said that at a time when J&K is having a strong act called Article 370 in which no body can setlle down in the state without having citizenship rights under State Subject Act, then how these outsiders settled down here in Jammu without any objections from the law enforcement angencies.

Sanjay Sharma said that they will make it an agitation if action will not be taken against them. Other members of NHR, Ashok Sharma, Bablu Kumar, Rajesh Kulbushan and Rinku Choudhary etc.

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