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New Delhi

 The Centre has  announced the termination of  Ramzan ceasefire  on Sunday , a day after the holy month of fasting ended  with Eid-ul-Fitr on Saturday .

Home Minister Rajnath Singh  tweeted on  Sunday morning  “ The security forces are being directed to take all necessary  actions  as earlier to prevent terrorists  from launching attacks  and indulging in violence and killings”

As such the security forces will be   able to resume their  operations against the  militants  the way they were doing it prior to the start of the holy month of  Ramzan , when the security forces were asked to suspend their operations   to  enable the pace loving Muslims to observe Ramzan in a peaceful environment .

The decision to go in for the resumption of the operations , according to home  minister , comes in the wake of the fact that while the security forces maintained restraint , the terrorists continued with the violent activities.

The Centre took cognizance of the  violent incidents launched by  militants  to sabotage the ceasefire  by attacking the army posts ,  policemen and  killing of a  veteran journalist  Shujaat Bukhari  in the broad day light in the heart of Srinagar on Thursday and on the same day a solder was abducted and killed in the most brutal fashion .

Home Minister tweeted that “The  Government commends the role of Security Forces for having implemented the decision in letter and spirit in the face of grave provocation, to enable the Muslim brothers and sisters to observe Ramzan in a peaceful manner.

This decision has been widely appreciated by the people all over the country, including J&K, and has brought relief to the common citizens..

The Home Minister said that “ It is important that all sections of peace loving people  come together  to isolate the terrorists and motivate those who have been misguided to return to the path of peace.”