JK News Today

Srinagar, April, 03:

Last night at about 10:10 PM, 4 terrorists who are believed to be affiliated with the terrorist organisation LeT, barged into the house of Farooq Ah Parrey R/O Par Mohalla Hajin and without caring about the life and dignity of the inmates, fired indiscriminately inside the house.

The terrorists used the knives that they were carrying and causedgrievous injuries to wife, daughter and brother of Farooq; namely Rafeeqa, Neelofar and Hilal Ah Parrey. The terrorists also abducted Muntazir Ah Parrey (the son in law of House owner) from there.

Efforts are on by the police to trace out the abducted person.

The injured in the incident have been shifted to Srinagar. Rafeeqa has one firearm injury besides other serious injuries caused by a sharp weapon. Others have injuries due to an assault using a sharp weapon.

An FIR into the incident has been registered and investigation into the matter set into motion.

It is pertinent to mention here that one son of Farooq namely Muzzafar Ah Parrey @Muzz Nata was killed ruthlessly by terrorists last summer, who was first decapitated and then thrown his into the river.