New Delhi, October 18:

Coronavirus cases across the world continue to surge as the United States and European Union report large spikes. Researchers in the US attribute the rise of cases to dip in temperatures across the nation. California, Texas and Florida have been hit hard and saw a rise in daily cases as well as deaths due to Covid-19.

Nations in European Union have also seen a huge rise in the number of cases. Several nations like Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium and Germany have registered a record rise in daily cases. These countries’ daily case tally have been the highest in the last two days ever since the pandemic began. Leaders across EU nations have urged for a societal response.

India’s health ministry attributed the drop in number of cases and positivity rate to increased testing. India has recorded less than 70,000 cases in the past week but the number of daily fatalities has remained above 600.

India’s case tally reached 7,494,551 with 61,871 fresh cases. India has recorded less than 70,000 cases throughout the week.

India’s death toll due to Covid-19 reached 1,14,031 with 1,033 deaths in last 24 hours.