-Vaneet Kaur

The right of the citizens to vote remained intact but the pride of being the largest democracy has undoubtedly not stayed untarnished. Democratic rights are being flouted by the lord and master and the burden of the premier’s scoff is continuing to squash pitiable people more and more with each passing day. Close to hundred lives have already been pulverized in a mere month and untold sufferings have come down in the lives of billion others.

A single personage disrupted a billion lives with his ‘demonetization’ experiment. No debate, no consultation with colleagues, no information to even the top functionaries and countless Indian were brought on the road! This absolutely is not the essence of a Parliamentary democracy. India, it appears, has become a dictatorship where decisions are taken by the dictator in a closed room and then handed down the line for people to follow and execute.

Moreover, the sachem continues to avoid Parliament and mock democracy. The  par for the course was to face Parliament – the very thing he was elected for, and debate the decision on the floor of the House with representatives of the 69 percent Indians who did not vote for him. On the contrary, the personage seems to have unilaterally vouchsafed himself the powers and prerogatives of taking decisions without even going through perfunctory parliamentary motions. The Parliament, even when it is in session, is wilfully denied the right to debate and question any decision. The belief perhaps is that the personage in question is bigger than the Parliament and hence the ‘piddling’ Parliament deserves no explanations or answers!

Democracy has been redefined in India as a demo on how to make people beg for their own money. The world is being shown that it has got it all wrong since the inception. A ‘true’ democracy is in fact all about a charismatic puppeteer! Never mind if democracy, at some point of time, used to be based on four pillars of the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, and the press. The vogue now is about turning a deaf ear to voices rising in legislative and executive, disregarding the concerns expressed by the highest echelon of judiciary and terming media as paid media if it strives to turn vocal about the current milieu.

The concept of democracy being ‘of the people’ sustained in Indian context but the aspects of it being ‘for the people’ and ‘by the people’ have gone out with the ark. There have been several public interest litigations by the people and initiators from various walks of life have stepped forward for the people; but the luckless are rebuked as traitors and supporters of unaccepted others!

To save face at the end of the day, superficial feedbacks are asked for on mobile apps. Alas, if only poor and real sufferers had access to and cognizance about these modern gimmicks they could tell their plight, but only to be called antagonists by the so called staged ‘bhakts’! The fever of a personage turned so obstreperous that it has regrettably led to the death of the Indian democracy!

The present setup refuses to accept any difference in opinion and instead questions the judiciary and deride the press. A single-wing is controlling more than billion lives in India and no one else has any say in anything whatsoever. Only the saffron colour is allowed to flash and flicker but one must not forget that sans other colours Indian tricolour can absolutely not flutter.

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