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March, 28: Targetting the opposition parties which have come together against the ED-CBI action on opposition party leaders, PM Modi said some parties are conducting Bhrashtachari bachao abhiyan together. “Wherever I go, people tell me, Modi ji, don’t stop,” PM Modi said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched a blistering attack on opposition unity and said all corrupt faces of India are now coming together on one stage. At a time when India is at the precipice of great things, it is natural that anti-India forces inside and outside India are coming together, PM Modi said. India has a strong foundation laid by the constitutional institutions. And that’s why they have come under attack. Their credibility is being questioned. When agencies take action against the corrupt, then agencies come under the attack. When the court gives a verdict, it is questioned. You all are seeing that some parties have come together to conduct Bhrashtachari Bachao Abhiyan,” PM Modi said.

“Wherever I go, people tell me, Modiji, don’t stop…Now that we will do such action against the corrupt, people will get upset, no? But that can’t stop us,” PM Modi said. “Many tall leaders of the Congress used to say during the Jana Sangha times that Jana Sangha will be uprooted. And today Congress leaders say ‘Modi teri kabar khudegi,” PM Modi said.

“BJP is not the party born on television, Twitter or YouTube…Many people tell me why don’t I take rest now that I became the PM twice. They don’t know that taking rest is not in the destiny of the BJP workers,” PM Modi said.

As PM Modi inaugurated a residential complex and auditorium of the BJP in Delhi, he recollected the ups and downs of the BJP’s journey so far from Bharatiya Jana Sangha to today’s BJP. “India will never forget what happened in 1984. It will always be remembered as a black period. In the following election, the Congress got a landslide victory. But we did not give up. We did not get disheartened. We were almost finished but we did not blame anyone. We did not get into attack-counter attack. Instead, we went among the people to work at the grassroots and strengthen the party,” PM Modi said. “From 2 Lok Sabha seats, we reached 303 in the 2019 election. In many states, the BJP gets more than the 50% of the votes. Today, BJP is the only pan-Indian party from North to South among family-run parties; the only party that allows the youth to work,” PM Modi added.

“BJP is not only the biggest party in the world but also the most futuristic party of the country,” PM Modi said.

“BJP does not only aim to contest elections. It is a system, a thought, a movement, the life force of change,” PM Modi said congratulating the party workers for extending its footprint in northeast and south India. “In Karnataka, we are still the No.1 party. In Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh too, people’s confidence in BJP is increasing. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, BJP is present in every booth,” PM Modi said. (Courtesy: Hindustan Times)