J K News Today
Jammu, July 24:
Apni Party Chief Altaf Bukhari reiterated his party’s demand to restore statehood to J&K and also warned that if the “ insensitive and unresponsive” bureaucracy continued with its ways to ignore the genuine demands of the people, it may lead to a situation in which people would take upon themselves the control of affairs.
Altaf Bukari addressed his first conference in Jammu on Friday after formation of the party in March this year to tell the people where his party stands on the critical political issues and the affairs concerning the people in Jammu and Kashmir.
“ First of all, let me make it clear that the Centre should accept our demand for the restoration of the statehood of J&K. It was taken away from us on August 5 last year and as per the duration of the Reorganisation Act, it should be restored to us in one year’s time”, he said.
And, he also reminded the Government that this is the common demand of the people of both the Kashmir Valley and Jammu region. He said it would be in fitness of things to realise aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Bukhari said there was unacceptable situation in J& K where bureaucracy was behaving and acting as per its whims , least caring for the people who are in distress and suffering immensely because of the unresponsive character of the bureaucracy.
He said that this was an unacceptable situation as in the absence of responsive administration, things were drifting endlessly. He said worse is the fact that no one knows who is running the government because there were so many groups among bureaucrats. “ We are at a loss to know who is pulling strings and from which corner of the bureaucracy.
He made a forceful plea to the Home Minister to restore 4 G internet connectivity in J&K in the absence of which students, teachers and the business community were suffering badly