Binoo Joshi

JK News Today


Union Home Minister Amit Shah took a prompt action in inviting and listening to the leaders of Ladakh People’s Movement  who had been calling for sixth schedule  for the region to protect the rights of the people under the new status and dispensation of  the Union Territory for  which they had agitated for years.

Amit Shah , without wasting even a minute, invited all the leaders to Delhi , to discuss all the concerns of the people of Ladakh who are patriotic to core and always stood first on the frontline at the times of crisis. The Home Minister has  discussed the whole thing , and the issues involved in a holistic  manner.

How `the future roadmap of these discussions would be laid out will depend on the situation, but given the promptness with which the Home Minister has  accorded importance to the grievances aired by the Ladakh People’s Movement, an amalgam of various religious and political groups in the region , it was clear that how much he, and the Narendra Modi Government devoted attention to the people and the region on all -big or small- issues.

Understanding the concerns and that too in a swift manner showed that Home Minister is aware that the love for Ladakh also meant taking care of the grievances. The region has its strategic importance, and as internal security minister , he has acknowledged importance of doing things in a swift manner.

The delegation that comprised all leaders, including former M P Thupstan Cheewang,  and  Cheering Dorjay  presented the things, as per the population that is mostly tribal and also the recommendations of the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes regarding the grant of benefits to the Ladakhis under the sixth schedule  of the Indian Constitution .

The delegation members  were satisfied that  their discussions. There  was hope that the things would be sorted out soon.