Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari urges people to fortify Apni Party for J&K’s prosperous future

JK News Today

Srinagar, November 19: Addressing a massive public rally in the Trehgam constituency of north Kashmir’s Kupwara district, Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, on Sunday, endorsed party leader Dr Noor-ud-Din Shah as the leading face in the constituency and urged the people to support him for a better future.

He said, “This place holds historical significance, especially in terms of its political dynamism. However, the traditional parties and their leaders have consistently overlooked the development of this region, leaving it underdeveloped and its people deprived. But, I assure you that if Apni Party gets your mandate in this constituency, we will restore its past glory and propel it towards a path of development and prosperity.”

“I request your support for Dr. Noor-ud-Din Shah, who, I believe, can effectively represent your interests and lead this constituency towards a path of progress and development. He is one of you and does not belong to any political dynasty,” he added.

Sharing his vision for the prosperity of the Trehgam constituency, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said, “A well-established road network, train connectivity, and the setting up of industries here will enable this area to flourish with prosperity and provide ample employment opportunities. I assure you, we are committed to turning this vision into a reality for the people of Trehgam.”

“The lack of development is evident in Trehgam, and it can be gauged by the fact that this place does not have a degree college or a well-equipped hospital for the residents. I wonder what the leaders have done whom you trusted and mandated over the years,” he added.

Addressing the occasion, the party’s senior vice president, Ghulam Hassan Mir, stated that Apni Party is gaining popularity and public acceptance across Jammu and Kashmir due to its clear-cut agenda and policies. He stated, “Apni Party stands out as the only political entity that has garnered public support and acceptance in a short period since its establishment over three years ago in March 2020. The credit goes to the integrity of the party leadership and its clear-cut agenda and policies.”

He went on to say, “Our agenda is very clear: we are committed to ensuring peace, prosperity, and development in Jammu and Kashmir, and we know this goal is very much achievable. Unlike traditional political parties, we do not believe in making fake promises and setting up unattainable goals. We do not mislead people or lie to them. We are straightforward individuals who believe in truthfulness.”

Mir passionately appealed to the people of Trehgam, saying, “Today, I want to convey to you that you should not allow traditional political parties to exploit you any further with false promises and deceptive politics. I recommend that you establish your own government and govern yourselves. Support Dr. Noor-ud-Din Shah, who is one of your own.”

Party’s Parliamentary Committee Chairman Mohammad Dilawar Mir, while addressing the rally, reminded people that traditional parties have been deceiving them through fake promises.

He said, “You must never forget how these traditional parties have been deceiving you through emotional sloganeering over the years. Once upon a time, a party made you believe that its leader was chosen by divine forces, even claiming that his name was written on tree leaves. In recent history, the same party took your votes, promising to protect Article 370 from being abrogated. How long will you trust these political gimmickers? They have a history of misleading people for their own political dividends.”

He appealed to people to strengthen Apni Party so that it could realize its objective of peace, prosperity, and the development of Jammu and Kashmir.

Party General Secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir, while addressing the rally, extended his gratitude to the people for their support to the Apni Party.

He said, “It is evident that Apni Party is gaining popularity with each passing day. People, especially seasoned politicians and senior political activists are joining our hands in every corner of Jammu and Kashmir. This indicates that people support and trust our unambiguous agenda and policies.”

“I assure you that Apni Party will never disappoint you. Our dedication remains steadfast in the pursuit of prosperity and economic empowerment for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Together, we will continue to work tirelessly toward these shared goals,” he added.

Besides Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, Ghulam Hassan Mir, Mohammad Dilawar Mir, and Rafi Ahmad Mir, other prominent party leaders present at the occasion included District President Kupwara Raja Manzoor, Constituency Incharge Trehgam Dr Noor-ud-Din Shah, Vice District President Abdul Rashid Bhat, District Vice President Mohammad Amin Bhat, and General Secretary of the party’s ST Wing Khalid Badhana, Constituency Incharge Langate Mohammad Amin Peer, District Youth President Bilal Arif Lone, Organizing Secretary Parvez Mir, District President Women’s Wing Miss Firdousa Geelani, District Secretary Javid Geelani, District Vice President Miss Samiya, Haji Mohammad Akbar Shah, Haji Ghulam Mohammad Ahangar, Gulam Mohammad Shah, Nazir Ahmad Malik, Showkat Beigh, Rizwan Bilal, Manzoor Ahmad, Gulam Nabi, Haji Sona Ullah Shah, and others.