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The Election Commission of India (ECI) has directed that Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) shall be provided at all polling stations by the Chief Election Officers of the states and Union Territories for the convenience of the voters.
In a communiqué to the CEOs, ECI has issued an elaborate list of the facilities to be provided on the day of polling at the polling booths.
The AMFs to be provided are ramps with an inclination ratio of 1:10 and not more than 1:14; separate toilets for men and women with the provision for sanitation, provision of crèche for children accompanying the voters, provision of transport for persons with special needs (PwD voters), drinking water facility, adequate furniture, medical kit, proper lighting/electricity of the polling centre, help desk, 15/ 15 Sq feet tented shade, besides proper Signage for guidance of the voters about route/ layout of the location of the Polling centre, deployment of volunteers from NCC/NSS/Scout and Guides/Chunavi Pathsala for helping PwD and senior citizens, arrangements for queue management with three separate rows for men, women and senior citizen and PwD voters and display of Voter Facilitation Posters at the polling station.