J K News Today


New Delhi,  November 21

All the opposition parties have  started working out a joint  strategy to  target the Narendra Modi government  over its demonetization policy that has  brought into focus diametrically opposite  perceptions across the country – the move aimed at common good and harassment of the honest common man.

The government too has worked out a counter strategy, hence setting up of  a stage for  big  fight between the two sides today.


Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha  Ghulam Nabi Azad  has affirmed his position that he won’t apologise for his remarks on the  deaths  of people due to the sudden recall of  Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes on November 8 . Instead, he would be asking for an apology from  Prime Minister Narendra Modi for putting the country into an atmosphere of uncertainty and economic dark times.

Opposition  will press for its demand  for presence  of Prime Minister at the time of debate on demonetization.

Prime Minister, too, has held  a meeting with his colleagues to work out a counter strategy.