JK News Today

Jammu, December 13

In the wee hours of night intervening 12-13 Dec 2016,  domination by alert Bordermen in Ramgarh Sector of Samba District foiled an infiltration bid, attempted under the cover of dense fog and thick sarkanda growth and also apprehended one intruder inside Indian territory.

Last night a suspected movement of 4 – 5 persons was spotted inside Pak territory close to the International Boundary. The  BSF troops kept their movement under close observation despite poor visibility in the area. In order to have a better observation of the area, BSF Troops fired Para Illuminating Bombs; resultantly the suspected persons retreated back towards Pakistan territory.

However after some time, movement of one suspected person was again spotted by the Sentries close to the International Boundary at about 50 Mtrs ahead of Fence; moving suspiciously inside Indian territory.

The  BSF Jawan challenged the intruder but he kept on moving without any heed; on which a few precautionary rounds were fired in his direction. However, the intruder escaped unhurt due to the undulating ground in the area. After that, the entire area was kept under strict vigil.

Subsequently, the intruder again showed up at some distance and was apprehended by BSF Party ahead of fence. On preliminary questioning the apprehended individual has revealed his name as Mohd Baksh s/o Firozdin r/o Vill – Gandiyal, Teh – Parsroor, Distt – Sialkot (Pakistan).

Further, he also mentioned that he has served in Pakistan Army and is now a Pensioner.
Following items were recovered in his possession;
(a)     Pak Currency notes – 500 x 2 = 1000
(b)     Identity Card – 02 (National I/Card)
(c)     Small Knife – 01
(d)     Paper with “CMA Lahore Cantt” written on it with pen.

It would be relevant to mention here that, the Pak Agencies are making desperate and regular attempts to infiltrate militants/intruders with ill intentions inside Indian territory in order to execute their nefarious designs.

Earlier in the morning the BSF release had stated that a retired person of Pakistan Army has been arrested at Ramgarh sector of the international Border last night by Border Security Forces (BSF).