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Jammu, June 26:

 Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh  has clarified that the Ramzan ceasefire in  Kashmir was “ not a mistake” but a decision taken in view of the sentiments of the people  as also part of a strategy.

Rajnath Singh strongly defended the  decision of ceasefire that was announced by him on May 16 on the eve of the beginning of the month of Ramzan  in an interview  with a weekly magazine “ The Week..” The magazine in its latest edition has carried the interview in which the major focus is on Kashmir .

Answering a question on the violence  around Eid  in Kashmir  this year , Rajnath Singh said : “ It is not true that big attacks have not happened  on Eid  in the past. I don’t think that the ceasefire was a mistake.

It was a decision  that was taken keeping in mind those people in Kashmir who wanted peace  and wanted to celebrate  the pious month of Ramzan in its true spirit.”

Explaining further  the thinking that went in announcing the ceasefire, Rajnath Singh said : “ We are a democracy, so we have to take certain decisions for the people, keeping their sentiments in mind. Some decisions have to be taken under a strategy.”

The Home Minister made it clear in the interview to the magazine that  the Modi Government was willing to talk to Hurriyat. “ We have said that we will talk to whoever is willing to talk to  us. We will even talk to Pakistan if it wants to talk to us. But Pakistan should first address the problem of terrorism emanating from its soil. I have eben saying it that if Pakistan is realy serious in its fight against terrorism and acknowledges that it is unable to stop it. Then it should seek India’s cooperation.  We are neighbouring countries and we can di it together.”