Binoo Joshi

Jammu, July 10:

Chinese ambassador to India Sun Weidong on Friday repudiated the doubt promoters about the Chinese side not keeping part of its bargain after the disengagement rules were made public following a consensus reached by Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. He said that there is a falsehood being spread about the Chinese intentions on the borders.

He said in a video message, the Chinese ambassador cautioned that such doubting of Chinese intentions and the exaggeration could cause disruptions to the bilateral relationship between India and China. He said that the mutual trust and respect is the key to way forward.

Weidong started with the June 15 clashes in Galwan Valley where 20 Indian soldiers had died and said that this should not have happened at all. China has not disclosed its number of casualties.

His message was a capsule of the strategic thinking, need for promoting bilateralism in relationship in economic and other fields. “The thesis of decoupling is not only unfair but also against the interests of Indians who benefit from the manufacturing and services of the Chinese companies. Chinese companies, he emphasized, also provided jobs to many Indians, which was of a vital interest in these times when there is a need to fight corona virus unitedly.

While maintaining that China and India have the capability and wisdom to settle their differences peacefully, he also asserted that China will not compromise on its sovereignty. But the thrust of his message through video made in New Delhi on Friday was to see both India and China as partners and not as rivals, especially in these times of the corona virus.

The Chinese ambassador was concerned about some of the opinions in India targeting China and painting it as adversary. “This is wrong,” he said emphatically.

His video message uploaded on social media traced the long history and bilateral relations of India and China and observed that the two countries in partnership with each other can progress. He said all the differences should be settled through dialogue.

The immediate reason for the Chinese ambassador to make his concerns public appeared to be the reports saying that China has not disengaged as much as it should have done. Some of the opinion writers and others have been accusing China of this treachery despite the agreements contrary to the spirit of the dialogue and cooperation.