JK News Today

Jammu, March 17 ( JKNT) : Chinese president Xi Jinping, will be undertaking a three -day visit to Moscow from Monday to discuss the current situation vis-à-vis Ukraine war and the ways to stabilize the world order. It is a clear bid by China and Russia to keep the United States and other countries aligned with NATO off the negotiations that could change the complexion of the war and its outcome .

The visit is listed as the most significant in the current situation , because of the rising diplomatic clout of Beijing, particularly after it brokered the Saudi Arabia and Iran deal , in which the two erstwhile hostile countries in the Arab world , have been agreed to resume their diplomatic ties . It also is important for there is a desperation on the part of Ukraine to have some peace , and the US despite arming Ukraine has not been able to help Kyiv in resisting Russia completely.

The Chinese Foreign office while announcing the visit , said that “ during his upcoming state visit to Russia, President Xi will have an in-depth exchange of views with President Putin on bilateral relations and major international and regional issues of mutual interest, boost strategic coordination and practical cooperation between the two countries and inject new impetus into the growth of bilateral relations.”

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said : President Xi’s visit will be a trip for peace. On the basis of no-alliance, no-confrontation and no-targeting of any third party, China and Russia will continue to practice true multilateralism, promote greater democracy in international relations, work towards building a multi-polar world, improve global governance and contribute to development and progress in the world. China will uphold an objective and fair position on the Ukraine crisis and play a constructive role in promoting talks for peace.”.