JK News Today

Jammu, Oct. 29

As the Indian Army celebrated the Infantry Day on 27 Oct 2016, the nation to pays homage to Col Chewang Rinchen, MVC & Bar, SM, a legend in his own right.

He successfully defended Ladakh from the Pakistani Raiders in 1947 with his Nubra Guards, a volunteer force of just 50 men that he himself raised. He also proved his mettle in 1962 and 1971 Wars.  Infact it was Col Rinchen who liberated Turtuk from the Pakistanis in 1971 capturing an area more than 800 Sq Kms in the Bargain.

It was at the age of 17 that this hero was awarded his first MVC in 1948 for having successfully defended Leh from the Pakistan invaders.  He was also promoted to the Rank of Captain.  In 1962, this brave soldier successfully defended the Chandani post in Daulat Bag Oldie sector with just a handful of men and was awarded the Sena Medal for the effort.

Finally, in 1971, Col Rinchen captured Pt 18402, Chalunka Complex and Turtuk along the Shyok valley.  He had planned to move towards Skardu, and capture the entire Baltistan area however, it was the ceasefire that came to the rescue of the Pakistanis, but not before this brave soldier with his band of Nunnus (as the Nubra Guard Soldiers were affectionately called) had captured more than 800 Sq Kms of POK.  For this effort, he was awarded bar to Maha Vir Chakra.  Col Rinchen is still fondly remembered in Ladakh as the “Survivor of Nubra” and “The Liberator of Turtuk”.