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Leh, October 19

Jammu Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Chief G.A. Mir while today asserted that it is the Congress Party alone is representing the aspirations of the people fully and will continue to work for the equitable development of all the three regions.

Addressing a day long political convention at Leh   Mir said , “The party has legacy of uniting and serving the people to the best of its ability”. He said Congress will continue to strengthen the people and work for their progress.

Mir also blamed the PDP-BJP coalition for taking the benefit of their divisive politics to rule the state without caring about the aspirations of the people. He urged the people of Ladakh not come under hollow slogans of PDP BJP, who are hell bent upon to divide people on Regional and Religious lines for sake of remaining in Power.

PCC Chief G.A. Mir who is on a five day visit to Ladakh Region said that Congress Party has never discriminated with any of the regions in the state and it never will allow anyone to play with the emotions or discriminate with people to serve their vested interests, although the BJP played an emotional card during the previous Assembly Elections and LAHDC Leh Elections, as a result the people who voted for this party are disappointed with it’s performance and double speak.

He said, “Congress Party is committed to its stated position of maintaining integrity of the State and will never compromise on its principles. People of Leh have realized that they have been misled by the BJP by raking up sensitive issues to get benefitted in Elections, the people Leh have also realized that Congress Party is all weather friend of the people and is very much committed to their development and prosperity.”

Mir said the people in all the three regions Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are being discriminated on political lines by the PDP BJP Coalition and they are being ignored of their basic rights, but he felt confident that the day is not far, when of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir will teach a lesson to PDP BJP combine for their anti-people and wrong policies, he said

Blaming PDP BJP combine for misleading and exploiting people during elections times for their poll benefit, PCC Chief said that it is high time when people in all the three regions should come in open to seek fulfillment of the promises made by them by the Coalition Partners, as the promises made by them have fall flat and the irony is that they (PDP BJP) are becoming insensitive more and more about the resolution of real issues confronting people in all the regions of the State.

On this occasion PCC Chief appealed the people of Ladakh to defeat the divisive politics of PDP and BJP, as that will only ensure the equitable development of all the three regions and progress of the people.

Addressing the convention CLP Leader Nawang Rigzin Jora urged the people of Leh to strengthen the Congress Party which alone can guarantee their development and prosperity. He said Congress party is based on the principles and it has a philosophy of uniting, serving and strengthening people.

He said Congress Party is an instrument of service to the people and there will be no compromise with the Govt on the issues confronting people in any of the regions in the State. The Party (Congress) will continue to fight and seek fulfillment of the promises made by the PDP BJP with the people, he also vowed to defeat the divisive politics of PDP BJP.

Those who addressed the convention included, MLA Vice President Haji Ab. Rashid Dar, Spokesperson Farooq Andrabi, MLA Deldan Namgiyal, MLA Gulzar Ahmad Wani, T. Sampahel, Rigzin Spalbar, Councilors and other senior leaders of Leh District.