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Provincial President National Conference Mr Devender Singh Rana today expressed distress over delay in revoking SRO 202 despite explicit recommendations of the State Law Commission, saying inaction by the Jammu and Kashmir Administration over the overwhelming demand is frustrating for the suffering appointees and the aspiring candidates.

“The Law Commission has aptly described the SRO in question as Sword of Damocles hanging high on the heads of employees recruited under this provision and hence sagacity demands it to be revoked to bring parity among the employees”, Mr Rana said in a statement, adding that the administration should take a call on the burning issue and reduce the probation from five to two years and revert back to the rules prevalent before implementation of the SRO 202.

While revocation of the SRO 202 will be a big relief to the employees recruited under this provision and their families, Mr Rana said it will also be a breather for those aspiring for the government jobs, the only viable source of sustenance in industrially under-developed Jammu and Kashmir, which has not seen corporate sector to grow like other parts of the country.

The Provincial President expressed solidarity with the suffering segment of society, saying SRO 202 is even violative of the labour laws as far as remunerations to workers are concerned and one can imagine how difficult it must be for the appointees to take care of their families in these harder days. He said this issue has been taken up at appropriate fora several times keeping in view the concerns of employees but the administration is yet to undertake the course correction in the larger interest of educated youth, who are already losing patients while grappling to fight the challenge of burgeoning unemployment.

He said immediate rollback of SRO 202 is a viable solution to bring about parity in the government service keeping in view the principle of equal pay for equal work. This will also safeguard the interests of the employees in career advancement and normal course of promotions, thus generating a healthy atmosphere in the public administration, Mr Rana added.