J K News Today

Srinagar, January 10:

A day after 2009 IAS topper reigned from the government services , he sought views of the youth to  help him chart his fresh course in politics .

He wrote in a  face book post that though he knows as to what he has to do, but still he would  like the youth in Kashmir to guide him .

He wrote : “ It has been a storm of abuse and adulation. Hundreds and thousands of people reacted to my resignation in hundreds and thousands of ways. I totally expected this.
As of now I have quit the service. What I am going to do hereafter also depends on what people of Kashmiri want me to do. More so the youth.
I have an idea how I can do it. I am sure you have ideas too and you want me to factor those ideas in before I take a final decision.
If you are ready to come out of Fb/Twitter and show up in Srinagar tomorrow, we could think this through together. I want real people not fb likes and comments.
I will share the venue details after I know who all are coming. Let’s see out of those hundreds and thousands how many are ready to walk the talk.
Type yes in the comments below.
Don’t tell me later that I should have asked the youth first.