J K News Today

Srinagar, June 17:

There should be no grumble over the Government of India’s decision to call off the Ramzan ceasefire after the holy month was over with the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr on Saturday.

First, the Government of India had not committed itself to the extension of the suspension of operations  against the militants  beyond the Ramzan ceasefire .Therefore, holding it responsible for not being at fault is  patently wrong .

Secondly, the ceasefire  did not generate any hope of the violence going down  when the security forces  were confined to their camps and under strict instructions not to retaliate unless attacked . The level of violence was peaking and  it was acquiring savage dimensions.  A Kashmiri journalist was killed in broad-day light on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, while  a soldier was abducted and subsequently murdered  while he was  headed home to be with the family on the day of Eid festival.

Third, the government of India had   held out a  promise of talks  with all, including the Hurriyat Conference to end the long spell of violence and look for a middle-ground . The response was a ruthless rejection .

Fourth, the violence in the hinterland, particularly stone throwing and clashes were re-appearing on the scene. This was causing civilian casualties  and that was a big loss to the people of Kashmir and also  causing a deep hurt to Delhi at the international level.

Five , the firing and shelling   from across the border was causing  civilian and soldiers’ killings . This was an unpleasant reality .

It was becoming difficult for Delhi to stay on the course of the ceasefire longer than the specified period , that made it to direct security forces to undertake operations as  they were doing before the Ramzan ceasefire.