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When Chinese troops have intruded into eastern Ladakh Pakistan government’s announcement of holding Assembly polls in Gilgit –Baltistan on August 18 in sheer violation of the international law is to complicate an already tense situation.

This is a fresh move by Pakistan to destabilize the situation in the region . With its rising frustration over the India not changing its stand on Article 370 that was scrapped in August last year , it is now doing something with the help of China to serve the latter’s interests in the region.

The instrument of accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh in October 1947 is clear . The last Dogra king had acceded the whole of state of Jammu and Kashmir, which included Gilgit Baltistan , to India . That historical position cannot be challenged . But Pakistan refuses to accept this reality.

The accession underscores the fact that the whole territory belongs to India of which J&K is an integral part . And, any attempt by Pakistan to extend its sovereignty to the Himalayan region is illegal in straight and simple terms .

Under the Gilgit Baltistan empowerment and governance Act of 2009 , Pakistan has been holding polls in the region. Twenty four member Assembly is elected , but the real powers lie with the Pakistan government . And, the elections are maneuvered , as it was done in the previous polls too , by Pakistani Army.

Pakistan army had inducted a huge number of troops on the eve of the 2015 polls . Its heavy presence and intimidation of people , had drawn results in favour of those backed by the army . This time , there is a heavy presence of Chinese troops ,too , and that is certain to help Pakistani design.

This time , Pakistan is going in for polls in a peculiar situation – China-Pakistan nexus has increased in the region with the two countries taming the rivers of the region to build big dams and generate power . Diamer Bhasha dam is the latest in the series .

Secondly, at the moment China has stationed its troops in an intense standoff with India in eastern Ladakh .

By holding the polls at this point in time , Pakistan is re-asserting its position in Gilgit Baltistan that is thoroughly illegal though , with the help of Chinese troops in the region.