Agencies/JK News Today

Srinagar, Oct, 01: The rate of the 19-kg cylinder has been increased by ₹209 from 1 October.

The hike of ₹209 has come after two successive reduction of ₹250 (Approx) in August and September this year.

In Delhi, the commercial gas cylinder price has been increased to ₹1,731.50/kg from ₹1,522.50/kg. Prices of LPG gas have been increased across cities. A 19-kg commercial LPG cylinder will now cost ₹1,684 in Mumbai.

Notably, on 1 September, the government had slashed the price of commercial gas cylinders by about ₹158, on 1 August, the price of the 19-kg cylinder was reduced by ₹99.75.

However, the price of domestic LPG – the one used in household kitchens for cooking purposes – remained unchanged