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In order to facilitate the students from Jammu & Kashmir who are pursuing higher education in other states of the country, the mobile numbers of following Liaison Officers (LOs) designated for various cities are hereby notified:

  1. No. Name of Liaison Officer/ Designated Name of city    Mobile No.
  2. Ms. Veedushi Kapoor, KAS, Deputy Director, Information (KBI), New Delhi New Delhi 9888918303


  1. Dr. Inderjot Singh, Manager, JK House Chandigarh Chandigarh      9419019175
  2. Ms. Prerna Raina, KAS,

Additional Secretary in the Resident Commission, J&K Government, New Delhi      Jaipur  9845477315


  1. Syed Ahmad Rizvi, Manager,

J&K Handicrafts (S&E) Corporation,

World Trade Centre, Colaba, Mumbai      Pune    9930734663

  1. Mr. Sanjay Pandita,

Under Secretary in the Resident Commission, J&KJ Government, New Delhi          Aligarh 9419102045

  1. Mr. Zia-ud-din Rehman,

Marketing Inspector,

J&K Horticulture (P&M) Department, Bannypath, APMC, Bengaluru           Bengaluru       9596160206


  1. Mr. Ashwini Kumar,

I/C Area Marketing Officer,

J&K Horticulture (P&M) Department, Housing Board Building, Kodambakam, Chennai.         Chennai & Hyderabad     9469238379