JK News Today

Jammu, October 15

Heliotrope Budding Stars (Play way cum crèche) Karan Bagh Jammu celebrated colours day. It was a great fun for the children.

The activity was designed to help the youngest children to identify and differentiate various colours, talk about them and think about how colour enhances and influences their lives. Children came to school dressed in different colours and the classrooms were decorated with different colours.

The children were all anxious to make a contribution to their group’s display on various colours allocated to them. All the little learners enjoyed and learned a lot by this activity. To add more fun to colour day celebration  Sanjay Kumar from Chennai demonstrated various paper craft work among the children. He demonstrated the development of various paper craft items that was enjoyed by the little kids.

Later on kids alongwith teachers participated in development of paper craft and exhibited the same with proud and happiness. Principal Harshu R Kumar appreciated the efforts of kids and congratulated them for their wonderful work.