J K News Today spotlight

It doesn’t suit Pakistan to talk about the alleged  human rights violations in Kashmir because its own cupboard will bring out so many skeletons  stumbling out to the attention of the world. It is known to the world  that how Pakistan has nourished terrorism all along  and exported it to the world over. Its hands are stained with blood .

There are two recent incidents that show how Pakistan is mauling and crushing the human rights of its own citizens who dare to  raise  the voice of dissent against the repression unleashed by Pakistani forces, and also how the innocent civilians , including women, have been killed in staged encounters.

Can Pakistan explain that why Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement ( PTM) leader Arman Loni was killed on Saturday while he was sitting  on a sit-in to protest against the repressive policies of Pakistan on the Pashtun community in Pakistan . The denial of rights was being protested against , and he was  killed . The family of the deceased alleged that he was “ killed during police crackdown .”

Not only that , according to PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar ,” Barring MNAs from entering Balochistan and stopping PTM workers from attending funeral of Arman Loni  most shameful and disgusting.” These are Pakistan voices.

And this is what happened in Sahiwal on January 19 , when four persons including parents and their teenage daughter were among the four killed by Pakistani forces in a fake encounter. The world has seen this happening and no cover up would work.

The brazen attempts to  deflect the attention from its own misdeeds  and brutish human  rights violations on its soil , Pakistan is engaging in a doublespeak of worst sort by  seeking attention toward  what is happening in Kashmir .