JK News Today Commentary
Jammu, June 19:

The road to public satisfaction passes through overall development of a place . That’s what Union Home Minister Amit Shah underlined while reviewing the development projects and programmes in Jammu and Kashmir , living up to his promise of transforming the Union Territory into a model of shining development from obscurity on this front .

His meeting with J&K’s Lieutenant Governor and his team on Friday had several important takeaways reflecting that how the union territory had dealt with the crisis imposed by the Covid-19 and marched ahead with the development projects to increase benefits to the masses . The core of the development , as it is clear now, was on transparency that the people had been aspiring for years. It busted the myth that the politically conscious people of Kashmir saw development as an antidote to their political aspirations . The developmental politics has replaced the politics of illusions. This is realism that connects with the people’s expectations and aspirations.

The meeting veered around development, development and development > This development was not only in terms of bricks, mortars but a script for the human development in which giving equal status to refugees to the development of Panchayats figured high . That’s what the development really means in which every one feels empowered and equal partner and stakeholder in the progress of Jammu and Kashmir .

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha who gave overall picture of the developmental scenario. In Jammu and Kashmir, was modest in admitting that though a lot of work has been done, yet more work needed to be done. This speaks volumes for his commitment toward the people of J&K . He had promised to usher in a new era of development in the UT and that’s what he is doing , and doing it with utmost devotion.

Home Minister Amit Shah and LG Sinha are working toward all round development and welfare of the people of Jammu and Kashmir , as per the priorities listed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

These following points prove the commitment and the vision :
( a) COVID-19 vaccination being 76 percent in Jammu and Kashmir and 100 percent in four districts

( b) All refugees who came from PoJK and West Pakistan and from Kashmir to Jammu, should get the refugee package as soon as possible

( c ) Thrust on completion of many other development schemes including Prime Minister’s Development Package, industrial development projects at a fast pace

( d) Extra focus on power generation with early start of the work on 000 MW Pakal Dul and Keeru hydro-electric projects along with fast-tracking other 3300 MW projects

( e) Arrangements should be made for training of new Panchayat members and they should visit most developed Panchayats across the country

(f) To increase income of farmers, use of modern techniques in agriculture and at least one agro-based industry should be established in each district

( g) Farmers of Jammu and Kashmir should get benefits of PM Kisan Yojana, Kisan Credit Card and other farmer friendly schemes

( h) Work towards increasing quality and density of apple production in Jammu and Kashmir so that apple growers will receive maximum price for the crop

( i) Benefits of industrial policy should reach small scale industries