JK News Today Commentary

Binoo Joshi

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has his own inimitable style of telling the success stories of the Modi government in Jammu and Kashmir, but what is more significant and appealing is his communication with the youth of the Valley.
During his ongoing two-day visit of the Union Territory which came into being after the abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019 and bifurcation of the erstwhile state of J&K, the Home Minister made it a point to appeal to the youth of Kashmir to join the long march of peace and prosperity .He has set this goalpost for the youth, who constitute more than 45 per cent of demography of 13 million , with a clear-eyed view how the Government wanted them to be partners in building bright future for themselves, their region and the country
Appeals like these hardly make news headlines , but then that never is the purpose of the leaders engaged in a task of nation-building . As Home Minister , he thinks it’s his responsibility to contribute in this endeavor as much as it is possible for him. Perhaps he has transcended his official assignment to embrace the youth of Kashmir , as he has put emotional quotient in what he told the youth that there’s a big and bright future beckoning them.
Amit shah who had piloted the abrogation of Article 370 in Parliament on August 5 2019 has made it known that he has to fulfill his official responsibility as also what as an Indian he needed to do for Kashmir . The idea of India is inherited among all Indians who believe in the well-being of all the countrymen , and their devotion is more to the areas and the people which suffered an imposed conflict . Kashmir is one sch place , where death and destruction were a norm for more than 33 years – 42,000 lives were lost . The vibrant lives were buried as dead in graves.
There would be many , even in his party- Bhartiya Janta Party , who will measure success of the visit by the thousands of people who turned up to hear him at a mega rally in Jammu , from where he started his visit on the 70th death anniversary of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee , founder of Jan Sangh, predecessor to BJP . There are others who judged the success through the enthusiasm in the slogans at the rally . All this is there, but there is something more that defines the success of his J&K visit – that is the emotional connect that he is seeking with the people. It is a next step to the constitutional changes made in August 2019 . That is where it can be said that a new chapter after the abrogation of Article 370 has been opened .
When he congratulated Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha for hosting and making G20 meet , held in Srinagar last month, Home Minister was also acknowledging the cooperation that the LG has been elicit from the local population . That is the kind of connect and bonhomie that has propelled Kashmir to the international tourism in such a way where peace and holidaying has become a norm , unlike the previous years when tourists were half-hearted partners . The veils of fear have been lifted . The international community – G 20 is the biggest and richest grouping in the world – has seen both peace and tourism potential of the Valley , by extension J&K . This is a great achievement . It has changed the whole perception of Kashmir .
Home Minister made this appeal to the youth to become partners and walk lockstep in journey of progress and prosperity of Kashmir .