JK News Today

Leh, May 24:

A team of 12 JAK Ll returning from Durbukh, noticed an accident between two civil passenger mini buses on Shyok-Durbuk Road in Ladakh. One of the Bus had overturned, with civilians trapped inside.

As the first responders, the team of 12 Jak Li of str 01 Offr , 01 JCO and 08 OR under the 2IC, immediately swung into action and evacuated the trapped civilians (07 adults and 5 children) from the bus and also provided First Aid.

There was no loss of life and major injuries to the passengers. A second QRT along with an ambulance was also mobilised from the Batallion HQ, which further provided medical assistance to the injured. The troops of 12 JAK LI also facilitated in clearance of the road and restoration of traffic.