JK News Today special report

Jammu, March 21 ( JKNT) : The Indian Army continues to maintain status quo position at the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh , said a senior commander of the army while addressing a rally of veterans in Jammu on Tuesday, underscoring that the army has not allowed Chinese attempts to change the boundary line on the ground have been prevented .
It is now almost three years that China inflicted tense situation at the LAC in eastern Ladakh , and it has raised various concerns as to how long will it last . There are concerns that the long standoff situation is becoming untenable , as neither the military commander level talks or the diplomatic initiatives have resulted in complete disengagement. There has been some progress in pieces and bits since April-May 2020 .
Lt. Gen, Upendra Dwivedi , Northern Command chief of the Indian army , told a rally of the army veterans that, ‘ the status quo continues to be maintained at the LAC ( in reference to the situation in eastern Ladakh) , and efforts are on to resolve the issue through military and diplomatic level talks .” He did not elaborate on the situation because of the strategic nuances of the standoff , which though a bilateral issue between India and China, also is in international attention .
Recently a repot of the US intelligence community had shared its assessment in its report , in which it traced the sources of global tension and the likely outcome if the issues remained unresolved.
The US intelligence report, titled , “ Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community ,” had stated : “ While India and China have engaged in bilateral border talks and resolved border points, relations will remain strained in the wake of the countries’ lethal clash in 2020, the most serious in decades. The expanded military postures by both India and China along the disputed border elevate the risk of armed confrontation between two nuclear powers that might involve direct threats to U.S. persons and interests, and calls for U.S. intervention. Previous standoffs have demonstrated that persistent low-level friction on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has the potential to escalate swiftly.”
This spoke of not only the possibility of likely clashes , but also underlined the international concerns .This perception got endorsed when the Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said in an interview that , “ the situation at the LAC was stable but dangerous.”
While making it a point to share his perception and outlook about the situation , Gen. Dwivedi has sought to convey that the Indian army was monitoring the situation minute to minute basis and the current status quo will not get diluted unless or until the talks bear fruit.