Court issues restraint order

JK News Today

Srinagar, February 16:

The Court of Additional District Judge Srinagar today restrained Raja Muzaffar Bhat from publishing any defamatory or causing to publish any defamatory material against the bank on print, electronic or social media.

Notably, the Bank filed a defamation suit against Raja Muzaffar Bhat for an amount of Rupees Fifty Crores from the defendant for defaming the plaintiff bank through print & social media and for restraining him permanently from publishing any articles/statement or getting any article statements published through his agents/representatives or posting any material on print/electronic/social media against the bank which is defamatory in character.

The bank has pleaded in the suit that Raja Muzaffar Bhat published an article in a daily newspaper wherein he resorted to defamation against the bank. Thereafter, the bank issued legal notice to him for withdrawing the defamatory remarks and for tendering an unconditional apology.

Instead, the defendant published some posts on the FB page containing defamatory statement against the bank and provoking others also to post defamatory statements against the bank. This constrained the Bank to resort to legal recourse.

The court order issued by the Additional District Judge, Srinagar today said, “…non-applicant either himself or through his servants/agents or any other person claiming by, through or under him is temporarily restrained from publishing any defamatory or causing to publish any defamatory material on print, electronic or social media or address any defamatory communication either orally or in writing which has the effect to defame or to tend to defame the bank and/or its employees…”