Binoo Joshi


BJP, once claiming it to be a party with a difference , has become an enigma  for the people of Jammu and Kashmir .  It has been observed that it stands for nothing in its almost two year-rule in the state, where it had promised maximum development and restoration of peace .

The party’s point man and architect of  BJP- PDP alliance Ram Madhav  had declared  that  this alliance was for development  not  a political alliance .  He had sought to distinguish party’s political compulsions of entering into an alliance with PDP, a Kashmir-centric  and Muslim party  opposed to any suggestion of tampering with the  special status of the state , from the development needs of the state.

But  the  thrust  on political convergences  on various issues, like opening talks with Hurriyat Conference, Pakistan and   maintenance of the   status quo of the  current position of J&K as special status state  made  alliance’s political elements too visible  to be ignored. Late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed , the founder of PDP, had rubbished  the development alone agenda. “ The Agenda of Alliance is self-speaking,” he had  stated.

A brief summary  of the   events in the nearly past two years  reveals that  BJP raked up so many issues and backtracked . It  finds itself in a corner when it comes to peace  in Jammu and Kashmir. It called Burhan Wani a “ terrorist” and the flare up in situation in Kashmir as “ Pakistan’s doing”, still the Kashmir is closed for 120th day. It claims to be having a million-  strong membership  but  has run away in  fear  from the Valley. Its ministers and legislators  are rarely visible  in the Valley.

Following its failure to address the regional aspirations of Jammu, its own legislators , Ashok Khajuria and Romesh Arora have  started asking questions about its performance and not hesitated in  demanding that the “ BJP should come out of the government.”

In Leh, the party had promised that it would grant the Union Territory status to the Buddhist dominated region. It won  parliamentary and Leh Hill Council polls on this promise. Now it says that it is not possible .

“ Well we have four more years  to go, we will do everything during this period,” Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh is  tirelessly  selling this theme .  However, what has been done in the past two years is not mentioned.

The Valley  sees  in it a repulsive  political  party  and the party  has no answers to the questions of people of Jammu, who gave them 25 seats in the 2014 Assembly elections .  They have not only let down  the people of J&K but also Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is quite unhappy the way  the party in ruling alliance with PDP  has subverted his plans of peace and prosperity in the state.