JK News Today


Srinagar, Nov. 05 

Questioning the silence of PDP and lambasting government of India over its’ repeated attempts to interfere in Religious affairs of Muslims, Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Chief G.A. Mir today said that BJP Leadership was misinterpreting the Triple Talaq Issue to create a confusion in order to implement Uniform Civil Code in the Country.

Mir also said that India being a great democracy, multi religious, multicultural cannot tolerate interference in any religion. “The much-hyped Triple Talaq issue which is being debated and discussed continuously is a direct interference in the Religious affairs of Muslims and a ploy to implement Uniform Civil Code in the Country,’ he noted

He said that Uniform Civil Code cannot be implemented as everyone has a right to practice his or her own religion according his or her belief.

PCC Chief said that Central Government was willfully misinterpreting Triple Talaq issue, while as this law is based on certain situations that are irrevocable in Muslim jurisprudence and cannot be challenged.

The BJP Leadership is targeting Muslims on the pretext of Triple Talaq, they should desist from misinterpreting Triple Talaq merely to create divisions to implement Uniform Civil Code, but they must accept the fact that they lack any knowledge on the subject and should desist from interfering in religious affairs of Muslims. Mir said.

He warned that interference in Religious Matters of Muslims or any other Religion in the country by Narinder Modi led government was fraught with dangerous consequences, he added.

PCC Chief said how can the people of any religion exercise the same laws that are being practiced by the people of other religion with regard to their marriage contracts and vice versa. Everything in the Muslim religion is practiced on the basis of sharia laws which cannot be challenged even by the Muslims, but this is unfortunate that BJP leadership is hell bent upon to disintegrate the country on religious lines to divert the attention of people from its failures.

Targeting PDP which is the main ally of BJP for remaining silent on this issue, PCC Chief said that PDP’s silence on this issue is very unfortunate. He said PDP for sake of remaining in power supports every wrong initiative of the BJP at Centre and does not bother about the emotions of the people. It is evident that PDP has surrendered its principles and conscience before the RSS with the fear of losing power in the State, but they must know people not only in Kashmir, but in other regions are watching its anti-people activities.